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thelotharingian's Journal

Jonathan Manker
8 June
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I'm a student at the University of Kentucky. I'm majoring in Biology, Classics, and Linguistics.
a perfect circle, academicism, age of empires, ancient history, anthropology, antipedibaptism, architecture, arguing, art, assyrians, astronomy, atmosphere, auxins, barbarian tribes, big bang theory, biology, blazer cafe, bonsai, botany, card houses, castles, catharsis, cathedrals, chaos theory, charlemagne, chaucer, cheesecake, chinese food, christianity, classics, coldplay, college, comparative reconstruction, conservative economics, controversy, cuneiform, dali, debating, devanagari, dimensions, donnie darko, dragons, eating, echidnas, epics, eschatology, etymology, evolution, exobiology, exorcism, feudalism, fight club, fricatives, fruity loops, german, gladiator, gothic architecture, greece, greek, harry potter, hitchcock, hittite, hittites, hungarian, imagery, indo-european languages, italian food, italy, japanese, juggling, kill bill, languages, latin, learning, leonardo da vinci, linear a, linguistics, listening to music, lord of the rings, martial arts, medieval history, michaelangelo, mitanni, monet, mycology, mythology, nature, nostratic theory, ocean's 11, pangolins, pasta, peroxisomes, persians, phonology, phylogeny, pie, ping pong, pink floyd, pizza, plastids, poetry, politics, qbasic, quiz bowl, relics, religion, romans, runes, samurai, sanskrit, scholasticism, science, sleeping, spaghetti, spanish, stained glass windows, star wars, string theory, taxonomy, technology, telekinesis, teleportation, temperance, the asthenosphere, the beatles, the bible, the great vowel shift, the greek dark ages, the matrix, the rainforest, the republican party, the sea peoples, thera, time, tool, travel, typology, vampires, vercingetorix, white grape peach juice, writing, writing music, xanthophyll, zoology