Jonathan Manker (thelotharingian) wrote,
Jonathan Manker

GRE Completed... Much More Work Ahead

So I'm definitely glad to get the GRE out of the way, it was taking up a lot of time having to study for. I actually got my scores on the Verbal and Math sections at the end of the test but the Writing section score I'll get later. So I feel I did ok... In one respect I did about how I had been doing recently on the Verbal part, though I probably did just slightly lower than I had hoped. On the Math though I did a lot better than I had done on the practice parts, so that is good. The scores are pretty much irrelevant, but I looked up my percentiles on Wikipedia and it seems I was about 80%ile on verbal and 74% or so on math. The interesting thing was that my math score was WAY higher than the verbal, but the verbal scores are much lower in general. I miss the days of being in the 99%ile range on the ACT but I do realize it's a more advanced group of people taking it in the first place. I really don't want to take it again, but I'll have to ask my advisor to see if those scores would be good enough for what I'm wanting.

Unfortunately I have gobs of work to do on question writing, and I'm falling behind. I actually preferred studying for the GRE to writing questions. The last few days I've had like no free time at all, but hopefully now the GRE is over I will.

We'll be going on vacation on June 2nd I think so I'll be out of town for about a week and a half, just to let you know in advance.
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