Jonathan Manker (thelotharingian) wrote,
Jonathan Manker

Busy and Reclusive...

So I felt I should give everyone an excuse for my even worse than normal summer reclusion, so here it is.

Essentially I just can't stand to be on this computer for very long at all. It's slow enough that it just drives me insane and I think of how at school I could do everything 5 times as quickly. Coupled with the fact that I really don't get much mail anyway, I don't even bother to check my e-mail some days.

Furthermore, I feel actually a bit stressed already, like I have one too many things to do. Of course, this is in part because I demand a certain amount of free time on any summer day, but still, I feel like I have a little too much. In particular, I have been studying for the GRE a lot, which I think I'll be taking on May 22. I didn't do too well on the diagnostic test so I have a lot of studying to do. Apparently my vocab sucks, for one. But I've done a LOT better on the exercises recently which is good (Thanks again to Jessica and James for getting me that book!).

I also have yet to really unpack and most of my stuff is just dumped all over my bedroom floor. I want to clean it up but I don't have quite enough will to do so. And finally, I have about 1200+ questions to write which I have not yet begun. It's making me really nervous, because I felt like with about 900 last year I was at my maximum. It's just so hard to actually get into such a big project like that.

Oh and my computer sucks enough that I can't seem to load myUK which means I had to go to the library to get my grades. Somewhat stupidly, I went at like 3:00 on Monday so my Hebrew grade hadn't come in... all A's besides that one, which I will hopefully find out today when I go to the library.

So anyway, if you do wish for me to get on AIM some time just let me know, and in particular at what time. :)
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