Jonathan Manker (thelotharingian) wrote,
Jonathan Manker

Weird Semester?

I have a feeling this is shaping up to be a very weird semester.

The other Greek student and I got to class this morning at 9 o'clock to find that our teacher was not there. He was late sometimes last year, so we waited a half an hour. Then we decided to go to his office.

Another professor told us he was sick, but we stopped by the office to see if he left anything. Eventually some of the other professors told us that he was diagnosed with cancer and was starting chemotherapy, and wouldn't be here this semester.

I don't think I even mentioned that my Archaeological Decipherment class got cancelled, and I believe it is due to the professor being sick in some way. However my Greek class will continue in some fashion; another classics professor is going to e-mail us soon to talk about what we will do.

Let's hope and pray my professor(s) will overcome their illnesses.
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