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I had a very entertaining last week, beginning about Wednesday. Actually as early as Monday I had begun to study for my horrible day of three tests and a quiz. But on Wednesday I studied straight from six until midnight, although with a one hour break at seven, when I attended a talk by a UK professor on abortion.

I probably should not have gone, or shouldn't have said anything, but of course I had to. Being that this was a philosophy professor it logically entails with little doubt he was pro-choice. He had some interesting things to say, though I'd heard most of his argument before, so I pointed out the problems. Of course I ended up slipping up and using the wrong word at one point, which he used basically to make me look stupid. I could have furthered my opinion but I didn't want to ruin the presentation by bogging it down with never-ending debate, so I dropped the argument. If you care to hear the argument and what my slip up was just ask. I just hope that someone in the audience came to realize not everyone, even in Keeneland, is pro-choice.

Anyway that got me all unbalanced so I had trouble studying the rest of the night but I got it all done. I got the usual less than ideal amount of sleep and awoke tired the next morning.

The India test was a LOT of writing but it went pretty well. I got a little confused on one part of the Semantics exam but it was not bad at all. My Greek professor had cancelled class Tuesday so he had actually forgot we would have a quiz then on Thursday, and we probably could have gotten out of it but we did it anyway. The Hebrew test was also a lot of writing and recalling a lot of memorized facts, but there was lots of bonus. Today I got back the India exam and was happy to have received a 97 which is an improvement on the 87 I had gotten last time.

That evening Jessica, Emma and I went to Pink Jacket Girl's fancy apartment for her 22nd birthday. We just hung out and ate some food, watched her new rabbit get situated and then watched a movie. The movie was called The Last House on the Left and was a silly horror film from the 70's. It was REALLY ridiculous and violent. That night we saw the free student center movie "Blue Velvet" which I enjoyed.

The following day Patrick wanted to show Braveheart so we all watched that. It was a very good movie, although very violent. It was just a week of violent movies, I guess. That night Howard and I saw Mulholland Drive at the student center and after the second viewing I pretty much figured out what it was about, although Howard didn't so he didn't care for it too much.

Saturday we got up and ate and then got ready for the Halloween party at Jessica's in Louisville. Howard was busy with studying for a Physics exam on Monday so he couldn't go; thus it was Jessica and James, Patrick, Nancy, Emma and I. We packed our stuff in the car and headed down around 2. Jessica and James were in separate cars and left us directions so I had to navigate. We actually made it there pretty much smoothly until the end since the directions were missing a street. Patrick who was dressed as a medieval bard had to get out and ask for directions at a gas station. We then arrived at Ivanhoe Court which was a very unique place: The houses were not separated by a road but by a sidewalk. It made for a really neat private area for the houses away from traffic and everything. The whole neighborhood was really neat and we got to see the beautiful fall leaves. Upon arriving Jessica took us around the town and we went to an international food store, a music store and Louisville's version of Sqecial. All in all Louisville seemed like a pretty neat city, as I had never been to that part.

Anyway we went back to the house and started to get ready. I was dressing up as Mad-Eye Moody. For the most part the costume did not take much time except I had to glue some scars to my face. I didn't get them on too well but it worked. Go to my facebook page to see pictures of me and everyone else! Anyway that evening we went to a dinner and hung out and ate, and then we came back and went to sleep. I managed to sleep pretty well despite being on a little couch. We awoke and laid around lazily and chatted, which was very enjoyable. Jessica's family is fun to talk to :)

Anyway all this craziness made me a bit tired, but good tired. Tomorrow I have to sign up for classes so here's my proposed schedule:

MWF 9-9:30 - CLA 252 - Greek
MWF 2-2:50 - CLA 202 - Latin
MW 4-5:15 - LIN 317 - Archaeological Decipherment (sounds fun!)
TR 11-12:15 - LIN 516 - Grammatical Analysis
TR 1:30 - 3:20 - HJS 102 - Hebrew
TBA - LIN 395 - Independent Study

(I have a very turn-of-the-century sounding assortment of classes, don't I?)

Together that's 19 hours, but the independent study is just out of class. I really like the sound of that group of classes. It's crazy though this semester all my classes are lumped together but next semester I have breaks between all of them. It would be a great schedule if only Greek wasn't so early :( Nevertheless, I don't need a time-turner and I can actually get to Hebrew on time.
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