Jonathan Manker (thelotharingian) wrote,
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Preparation for the Halloween Party, Chinese (x2), etc...

First of all though I'll mention that you should go to My Myspace Music Page to listen to the newest song ("Il Sol Tace") I have uploaded. It's awesome.

Anyway last weekend it was coldly and such so we watched movies, namely Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. It was Hitchcock weekend at the free movies so those were enjoyed by all of course. Sunday Christopher and Jenna visited and we ate at the Panda Garden Restaurant. I got one of the cool appetizer platters with the flaming goblet of fire. It was freezing cold in the dorm also since the Nazis hadn't turned on the heat, so Christopher had to bring me more blankets. It took four blankets, pants, a sweatshirt and two pairs of socks to keep me warm :/

Anyway this weekend started off awesomely. Thursday night included going to the Spirit of Ramadan which included a speaker who was an Imam as well as free Middle Eastern food and a free Q'uran. It was very delicious... Emma got there late and then Howard left and then we met up with Jessica at Memorial Hall to see a free talk on vampires. It was hosted by this woman who was a "psychic vampire" meaning she fed off the spiritual energy of others. She talked about the history of the concepts and myths behind vampires as well as the modern day subculture. Following that we saw the film noir masterpiece Chinatown, which I enjoyed more in watching it for a second time.

Yesterday Emma, Jessica, Howard, and I went to Halloween Express to search for costume stuffs for next week. We're having a Halloween Party at Jessica's house in Louisville. It should be pretty fun... I'm going as Mad-Eye Moody. I had real problems working around the whole eye thing but I think I've got it down. I got a cheapo ping pong ball eye and the one of those cool spinny eyes. The spinny eye would have been perfect except the stupid thing stared stared up instead of out. I proceeded to crack it open by crushing it under my bed to find that it was filled with oil (in the hopes to rectify the direction of pointage). After retrieving the Inner Eye I decided it would be awkward anyway to place on my real eye, so I chopped open the ping pong ball eye and decided to use half of it. It actually fits really nicely in my socket, like a monocle would. Today I bought some paints and such and painted an even cooler eye on it. I also have a coat, a hat, and some fake scars and I'm hoping to obtain a hip flask, a wand, and a staff. I will certainly post some pictures afterwards. Then yesterday evening we saw the film noir movie "The Killers."

Anyway today was a bit slow... Emma went to Louisville for some unknown reason, and Nancy was sick and I think Patrick had to do something with her, and Jessica was more than likely with James. Nevertheless Howard and I decided to go to a Chinese restaurant called the Panda Buffet (not the Panda Garden, lol...) It was really good. For only 8$ I got all-I-could-eat crab legs and sushi and crab claws and fried donuts and chicken on a stick and fancy zebra cakes and sweet and sour chicken and general tsao's chicken and cheese mussels (aka alien life pods) and salmon and deviled eggs and fried rice and wontons and egg drop soup and egg rolls and spring rolls and crab rangoon and blah blah blah it was so tasty too bad no one else was there to enjoy! Lol... Anyway I should be getting to bed. Good night!
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