Jonathan Manker (thelotharingian) wrote,
Jonathan Manker

Let's see who's been faithful to my journal!

Top Commenters on thelotharingian's LiveJournal
1thelotharingian298 298
2xmorning_starx187 187
3Anonymous112 112
4spongeychicken45 45
5nerdingirlpants40 40
6ameliethequaint38 38
7uy_lance23 23
8moongirlally22 22
9orion_peardott22 22
10teardropshroom18 18
11shellaillagh17 17
122simple16 16
13i_apathy16 16
14naked_intent15 15
15crumpetbeast13 13
16it_self12 12
17cecil_palan10 10
18gevurah_elohim9 9
19midgetthemighty9 9
20hadea8 8
21xanderor8 8
22whoopingllamas16 6
23zarcc4 4
24speechiesr3 3
25xaquya3 3
26danzinthepants1 1
27mattmn20051 1

Total Commenters: 27
Total Comments: 956

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Nicole pwnz. o_O

Deleted comment

Ooh, burn. A measly 13! I shall have to work on that.
Lol, a lot of people that haven't commented in forever are still up really high since they did a long time ago.
Hahahaha!! I didn't even make the list! Hahahahahha!!
Isn't that you at #20?
Hahahaha!! I suppose it is!! Silly me, I guess I can't read!!
Wow.. haha.. I'm #8.. this is probably the first time I've commented on here in a year.. Craziness..
Wow, I'm number 4...just below "anonymous". I don't know how to feel about that one, lol.
Bad. Feel bad. Lol, just kidding!