Jonathan Manker (thelotharingian) wrote,
Jonathan Manker


Meh... I should be going to bed but I really feel like expressing a bit of joy I have found.

It seems like Christmas brings more stress than feelings of joy and happiness like it should. In many ways the idea of gift-giving seems to be at the core of it. People often worry so much about the gifts they give and think too much about the gifts they will receive they can be blinded by the purpose of this holiday.

But I can honestly say I've enjoyed getting gifts for people this year. Maybe it's because I didn't come short and not find something for someone, but things didn't go completely perfect, but that's ok. I feel I want nothing in return. In giving gifts I am hoping to spread the joy of the season and expressing my thanks for my friends who have giving me so much.

It just reminds me that the act of giving is as much, if not more important, for ourselves than for others, in teaching us lessons of selflessness and generosity. In the same way doing good helps not only others but ourselves.

So I hope my gifts this year are not symbols of consumerism or monetary worth of my relationships with others, but tokens of gratitude for the time and generosity my friends have selflessly given to me. I look forward to Monday!
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