Jonathan Manker (thelotharingian) wrote,
Jonathan Manker

The End is Near...

So I skipped a week or so without updating. Two weekends ago Howard, Emma, Patrick, Nancy, and I went to the arboretum which was fun... I posted pictures on facebook. We also went to the Chinese restaurant again that night. Last weekend was Nancy's birthday, during which we watched Princess Bride and played lots of Soul Calibur. I could only really beat anyone with Link with the Megaton Hammer, especially on Sunday. Saturday we watched the Neverending Story at Nancy's with Patrick.

So this weekend was rather boring... Emma left and went to the beach and Emily was gone. We watched Time Bandits in Patrick's room last night.

So the semester is almost over... My Indian class is about the only one in which I have reasonable worry about not getting an A. I keep going up and down between 87/88 and 95/97 on tests and assignments.

I picked out what I want for Christmas, being Finale Allegro. It's a simpler version than the full blown Finale but I'll hopefully upgrade that sometime afterwards. I messed around with the demo of Finale Songwriter (an even cheaper version) and liked the results. I've also been picking out Christmas presents for people so hopefully I'll get that worked out over Thanksgiving break. I'll be leaving this Tuesday for Thanksgiving. Then we just have two weeks and the exams and we'll be done.
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